Mirrors & Clockwork

Posted: March 4, 2014 in When Life Knocks, You...
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The first step is the hardest. You worry about everything that can possibly happen, and those setup walls, meant to prevent you from reaching your goals. If you can break down those walls, and take the first step towards anything. Everything is easier. We live life in constant fear. The darkness that floods our mind consumes us. We then desolate ourselves until we’re nothing but a blank figure, with no function.
We tend to get caught up in what other people will think, so we don’t do things we would do. We are worrying beings. But worry is just another word for fear, and fear is just thinking about the negative outcomes. But positive outcomes normally weigh out the negative.

I used to fear everything that could possibly happen, such as backfiring. Or how people would react to a teenager writing life values, because what does a 16 year old kid know? He doesn’t pay bills, or deal with a lot of stress caused by life that normally grownups get ambushed with. But sadly, I’ve been through a lot, and I see things that others try to hide. I worry about as much as everyone, maybe even more, but that doesn’t stop me. Mr. K, somebody who helped me open my eyes to reality, told me the hardest things is the first step, and when we get out that first step, it gets just a little bit easier. When a baby tries walking, it falls, but does it give up? No it keeps getting up and tried again, and it repeats this until it is able to walk. Then we all praise the child, and the baby knows it succeeded from trying again. We weren’t born to give up, because that baby didn’t have to get up again, it could be afraid of falling again. But it got back up and started walking, and eventually it learned to walk. We’ll fall, but we need to get back up, because nothing stays stationary forever. Everything’s constantly moving. This life we live is like clockwork, gears constantly changing.

“Don’t live your life in front of a mirror, because you’ll be looking at what’s behind yourself, and not seeing what’s just beyond it.”—Tré

I supposed my sole purpose of this blog, is to help people. I was helped, and I know 100s of people who are too scared to get it. They’re afraid of what people would say to them. But does it matter? This is your life. Strive for what’s greater.


Giving Advice to the DamnedInDistressed, from a Damned In Distress since 2014.

  1. Autumn says:

    Tre, you are amazing. Keep up the good work you do. You will truely change people’s lives with your words, keep writing!

  2. Kirsten Flaharty says:

    This is really good(: I loved it, You give great advice! Keep up the hard work!

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