Hey! Before you continue reading, I want you to know; that I am a teenager. So, you can turn away and be judgement, or you could keep tabs on my blog, and think, “Wow this kid has good stuff.” People often look at kids, as inferior. Which is fine to me, but it doesn’t define me. We’ve all been through things, and we are all fighting in the same war, just different battles.

I am Tré… I grew up in a household that my father ran. I am technically the third oldest, my oldest sibling was abortionated. I still consider them as a person, because that’s what they are. Growing up I was pushed aside, and from the sidelines, I was able to watch the game and see things others might not have. Because the audience had biased perspectives of life, and I was able to maintain a neutral aspect to the game. Life is simple, but people make it hard. Growing up was hard, but I was just trying to stay in game with people who were running around forgetting that there was a easy setting. So as I was watching people running around struggling, because they didn’t take the time to learn the game. I was able to see how life really was. It’s harsh, but normally the clear path is covered by bushes. Recently, I came out of a depression, and I figured that I could help others from falling the same way I have. Mr. K, influenced me to start writing a blog, after I showed my interests in it.

This dragon I face,
It just keeps getting bigger,
Soon I won’t be able to face them…
Alone… —Damsel in Distress


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