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My goal is to offer advice, and give you a different perspective to things. Sometimes to see something clearly you have to turn it to a different angle, such as when you’re driving a car. If all you see is the sky on your side mirrors, then you can’t see the possible cars coming to your left and right. This could result in a car accident, not your fault, but because you didn’t turn the mirror to see a direct perspective of the issue.

Rules Of Contact

1. Please state your first name, age, and state(or city if you live outside of the US)/country, this helps me approach your topic. If you want 100% confidentially, then please change your first name into “Anonymous.”

2. I would like you to refrain from harassment in any form. People genuinely need help, and if I have to go through 100s of pointless emails it’ll prevent me from getting to them.

3. If you are seeking advice, please send a descriptive email of your issue, who/what/when/where. This makes it easier for me to offer you advice.

4. Any emails sent without a subject will be discarded. The subject must be first intial, age, and state initials (e.i. Maryland= MD)

5. If you would not like to get your advice on the blog, please say so in the message.

Example of Email:

Subject: C/17/NY

Dear AskingTrey,

I’ve been dealing with my parents divorce and I don’t know what to do. I want them to get back together, I just don’t know what to do. They’ve been together for 19 years, and got divorced when I was 16. Help me?

17 year old, Chris from New York.


We appreciate you feedback.


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